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 308.                 YOU SHALL BE CLOTHED WITH POWER



                           Em                                      C

Refrain:          You shall be clothed with power from on high

                                           G                   D

                        When the Holy Spirit comes to you,

                                   G             D        C

                        And you shall be my witnesses

                                      A                              B7(Em)

                        Throughout the ends of the earth (Repeat)


                      C   G          D       Em   C      G                   D

1.                                          Go forth to all the world and tell the Good News

C   G                 D                   Em

Proclaim God's Kingdom has come

                     C                     B7

Through the Triumph of His Son! (Refrain)



                     C     G              D         Em  C       G             D

2.                                          The works that I have done, you also shall do

C     G               D           Em

And still there's more to come

            C                     B7

For my Spirit rests on you!  (Refrain)



                        C     G              D           Em  C      G              D

3.                                          The deaf shall hear My voice, the blind shall see.

C     G              D           Em

The lame shall leap for joy

               C                        B7

And the captives shall be free! (Refrain)



                                     A            B7              Em

Coda:             Throughout the ends of the earth