305. YOU ARE OUR TREASURE


Intro:   G   -   C   -   D


Verse 1:

D                       G

Blessed be our God and King

         D                         C

Who gives us all good things

         D                              G

Who loved us though His enemies

         D                                C

Who cleansed us from our sins

         G              C      

Who offers us eternal life,

           C                           F

who saves and sets us free

    G                          C

O what can we give back to Him,

         G                F   D

Who gives eternally



G                       C                      G

You O Lord are all our treasure

                    C                      G

To do Your will our pleasure

                     C                      F    D

Our hearts belong to You alone

G                    C     

To You, our glorious King

G                   C                    G

With joy our lives we bring, and lay



   C                        F         D

Down before your throne

                      G      C-D-G-C-D

Before your throne


Verse 2:

D                          G

You are called to love Your God

         D                          C

With all your heart and mind

D                      G                      D                     

Follow me and perfect be and leave


all else behind


 G                            C

Come by brothers, we are lovers

G                      F          G

Of the cross of Christ, as one man

         C                             G                    

Let's take our stand with Jesus Lord of

F    D

Life       (Refrain)


Verse 3:

D                        G                            D

We have died to fear and pride and now are free

     C          D                             G          

To fight, to break the chains of death and pain

      D                       C            G         

To end the reign of night, to see all men


acknowledge Him

     G                        F         G                      C

To boldly speak His word, side by side we live and

G                                  F    D

die as servants of the Lord  (Refrain)


Verse 4:

D                        G

We fix our gaze upon the days

           D                        C

When God will reign in peace

           D                          G

When we shall have our heart's delight

        D                       C

And see Him face to face

       G                              C                      G

But while our King goes conquering and war is in


the land.

        D             C             D        G

Our glory is to fight with Him, a two-edged sword in

F      D

Hand   (Refrain)