304. YOU ARE NEAR

Intro:              G-C9-G-C

G              C9                           G       D

Refrain:         O Lord, I know You are near

                  C9      Am7       G        D

Standing always at my side

       C                         Bm

You guard me from the foe

              C9              Am7               G

And you lead me in ways, everlasting


G                      C9                        D

Verse 1:        Lord You have searched my heart

                 Em               Am7                   Bm

And You know when I sit and when I stand

           Bm        Em              Am7                        Bm      Am7

Your hand is upon me, protecting me from death

                Am7/G      D/F#

Keeping me from harm


G                   C9                      D

Verse 2:        Where can I run from Your love?

      Em                  Am7                    Bm

If I climb to the heavens You are there

     Bm          Em             Am7                  Bm     Am7

If I fly to the sunrise or sail beyond the sea

            Am7/G      D/F#

Still Iíd find You  there


G                     C9                     D

Verse 3:        You know my heart and its ways

               Em                    Am7         Bm

You who formed me before I was born

          Bm         Em             Am7                      Bm    Am7

In the secret of darkness before I saw the sun

          Am7/G   D/F#

In my motherís womb


G                     C9                      D

Verse 4:        Marvelous to me are Your works

             Em                   Am7                       Bm

How profound are Your thoughts, my Lord

         Bm           Em              Am7                        Bm      Am7

Even if I could count them, they number as the stars

                      Am7/G D/F#

You   would   still  be  there