285. WE WILL MAGNIFY


                        G                  D                 C                     G

1.                                          O Lord, our God how majestic is Your name


G                 D                       C    D

The earth is filled with Your glory


G                 D                    C                   G

O Lord our God You are robed in majesty


                           D                       C    D

You've set Your glory above the heavens



                                             G                        D            Em                 C            

Refrain:           We will magnify, we will magnify   the Lord enthroned


                          G     D

                          in Zi - on


                                        G                          D         Em                   C            

                        We will magnify, we will magnify the Lord enthroned


                         G  D   G

                        in Zi -- on   



                      G               D                         C                  G

2.                                          O Lord our God You have established a throne


G                    D                           C      D

You reign in righteousness and splendor


G                  D                            C                         G

O Lord our God the skies are ringing with Your praise


                           D                        C      D

Soon those on earth will come to worship   (Refrain)



                      G                D                             C                        G

3.                                          O Lord our God the world was made at Your




G                D                          C   D

In You all things now come together


G                         D                  C                       G

Now to Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb


                           D                         C   D

Be praised and glory and power forever   (Refrain)