236. STRONG ARMS


Intro:              A9 - A9/C# - D - E  (2x)



                                A9     A9/C#          D                  E

Verse 1:        My child I knew you, before the world begun,

                                  A9          A9/C#                           D                E

                        I was there everytime, you wrote your name on the sand

                               Bm       C#m                        D                 F#m

                        And lately I know you've been through quite a storm,

                               Bm        C#m                          D                   E            D    E

                        My child I've been there since the day you were born.


                                     A9           A9/C#                  D              E

Refrain:         Oh, and I rule the wind, oh yes and I calm the sea

                                      A9                A9/C#         D              E

                        And the sun won't go down until I say it can leave

                                    Bm             C#m                     D                  F#m

                        And as sure as my word, I'll be there right by your side

                                          Bm     C#m           D       E (pause)

                        And if your just to weak to go on

                             E                                                      Intro

                        Remember child…… that I'm your strong arm.


                               A9               A9/C#                 D           E

Verse 2:        How people will wander, and they'll stand amazed

                                    A9                A9/C#         D           E

                        They'll say you’re a miracle, and I will be praised

                                Bm                       C#m                      D          F#m

                        And even though your pains has been so quite to bear

                              Bm                  C#m                     D            E             D    E

                        Just know that I'm with you there's no need to despair.



(Refrain 2x)

                                            Bm      C#m          D       E

Coda:                        and if you're just to weak to go on …. (3x)

                             E                                             Intro

                        Remember child that, I'm your strong arm.