204. PSALM 73

Capo 2, play G

  A(G)                  Bm7(Am7)     E(D)    A(G)

Refrain: Whom have I in heaven but     You O Lord,

D(C)                       A(G)              D(C)       E(D)         A(G)

and when  I am with You, the earth    delights me not.

F#m(Em)          Bm7(Am7)    E(D)              D(C)      A(G)

Though my heart and my flesh should waste away,

D(C)                A(G)       Bm7(Am7)    E(D)  A(G)

God is my rock, my portion           for----ever


           F#m(Em)               C#m(Bm)   D(C)        E(D)           A(G)

Verse 1:  Your law is my delight,       I             hasten to keep your ways.

  F#m(Em)                  C#m(Bm)     D(C)    E(D)         A(G)

I rise to bless You at night;     by    day I    sing your praise.

                     D(C)                            A(G)

Though the wicked do not fear the Lord

          D(C)                    E(D)  D(C) E(D) D(C)        Bm(Am7)     A(G)

and refuse to keep His word, I        shall love the Lord my       God  (Refrain)


                  F#m(Em)                       C#m(Bm)     D(C)   E(D)   A(G)

Verse 2:  The commandment of the Lord is pure. It gives light   to the eyes.

           F#m(Em)                     C#m(Bm)   D(C)     E(D)      A(G)

The precepts of the Lord are sure; they make the simple wise

                     D(C)                            A(G)            D(C)                     E(D) 

More to be desired than the purest gold; let the law of the Lord be told

D(C) E(D)   D(C)     Bm(Am7)  A(G)

then  shall   I       rejoice in     You  (Refrain)


           F#m(Em)    C#m(Bm)   D(C)   E(D)         A(G)

Verse 3:  I am always with You, You     hold   my right hand.

           F#m(Em)     C#m(Bm)     D(C)    E(D)    A(G)

You guide by Your truth and You lead    me to glory.

       D(C)                   A(G)      D(C)    E(D) 

My only joy is to be forever praising   thee

D(C) E(D) D(C)        Bm(Am7)  A(G)

God  my    Lord, my King, my     all  (Refrain)


             F#m(Em)    C#m(Bm)   D(C)     E(D)         A(G) 

Verse 4:  I shall be the loyal friend of      all who know your just decrees.

         F#m(Em)                C#m(Bm)   D(C)            E(D) A(G)

But those who defy Your name, I      count as my enemies;

            D(C)                             A(G)         D(C)                               E(D) 

for the wicked You will destroy    but the righteous shall know Your joy,

       D(C) E(D) D(C)    Bm(Am7)  A(G)

and you   shall reign victorious     king  (Refrain)