Am                      Em

Refrain:   For we are a chosen race

     Am                     G

A royal priesthood, holy nation

  Am           G      FM7           G

Once no people, now God’s people

      Am                  G            A

Proclaiming His marvelous light


A9                          AM7   Bm7

Verse 1:  Sing the songs of faithful Zion

A                                       Esus4

We are the stars and the grain of sand

 A9                               AM7         Bm7

Through our faith we are made glorious

A                                         Esus4 E

We are the sons of Abraham  (Refrain)


A9                          AM7   Bm7

Verse 2:  Dance the steps of joyful Zion

A                                 Esus4

Cymbals, harps and tambourines

A9                           AM7         Bm7

Blow the trumpet, sound the glory

A                                         Esus4 E

In the presence of the Lord  (Refrain)


A9                          AM7    Bm7

Verse 3:  Taste the fruit of peaceful valleys

A                           Esus4

sip the wine and eat the bread

A9                           AM7         Bm7

Know the shepherd who is guiding

A                                         Esus4 E

the Lord, the Lamb of God  (Refrain)


A9                              AM7    Bm7

Verse 4:  We will serve through tribulation,

A                     Esus4

We will follow to the cross

A9                         AM7       Bm7

Know death and pain of suffering

A                                                  Esus4 E

God wipes the tears from our eyes  (Refrain except last word)

 FM7           G            Am                    G

End: Now God’s people, proclaiming His Marvelous…. (2x)