126. ISAIAH 60



    A               G                  A          G

Arise, shine out, for your light has come

        A           G                            A        G

The glory of Yahweh is rising on you

    F                       E

Though night still covers the earth

         F                   G               A

And darkness the peoples, above you

   G                             A

Yahweh now rises; above you

       G                       A         G     A     G    

His glory appears, arise



Verse 1:

E                                D

The nations come to your light

          E                                 D

And kings to your dawning brightness

E                 D

Singing the praise of Yahweh

    E                       D

Bringing gold and incense

A                                G

Lift up your eyes and look around you

A                                   G

All are assembling and coming toward you

A                       G                           A

Your sons from far away and your daughters

           G                               A G A G

Being tenderly carried this day       (Refrain)



Verse 2:

    E                                     D

They bring your sons from far away

                  E                      D

And their silver and gold with them

E                         D

For the name of Yahweh

                       E                 D

Your God the Holy One of Israel

A                                            G

No more shall violence be heard in your



A                          G

nor devastation within your frontiers

A                          G

You will call your walls "Salvation"

A                          G    A G A G

And your gates "Praise"        (Refrain)



Verse 3:

E                          D

No more will the sun give you day light

E                                D

Nor moon light shine on you

        E                               D

But Yahweh will be your eternal light;

           E                        D

Your God will be your splendor

A                    G                  A                      G

Your sun will set no more nor your moon wane

        A                               G

But Yahweh will be your eternal light

A                             G

And your days of mourning will pass

                    A     G  A  G

From your sight                  (Refrain)