125. ISAIAH 43


Intro:  D Am D Am


D              Am                D

Refrain A: Yahweh,    You have created me.

Am                                     Bb  Am                   D  (Am)

You have called me by na-----me and I am Yours


D              Am                           D      Am

Refrain B:  Forever , I will sing of Your goodness

                                 Bb Am                                  D

I will walk now in free------dom to the kingdom of glory


Em                            A

Verse 1:  When I walk to the sea

           C                        A

my God will walk with me,

              F                Em            A

and the rivers will not swallow me (Refrain A)


Em                                       A

Verse 2:  Though I walk through the fire,

          C                              A

I will not be scorched nor burned,

              F                      Em            A

and the flames will not harm me at all.  (Refrain A)


Em                           A

Verse 3:  You call us Your people

                 C                                 A

We are precious in the eyes of God,

                          F                 Em            A

 and You give nations in return for our life (Refrain A)


Em                                    A

Verse 4:  We are servants of the Lord,

                       C            A                 

and we shall not be afraid,

              F                                   Em                   A

for God is with us  and He has made us for His glory  (Refrain A & B)


C                                 D

End: To the kingdom of glory