Intro: G


Verse 1

G                    C/G        G

I, the Lord of sea and sky

G          C/G         G          D   G

I have heard my people cry

G        Em            Am   G/B C    

All who dwell in dark and sin,

Am  Am/G       D/F#-D/C-G/B-D7-G

My hand will save

G              C/G      G

I who made the stars of night

G      C/G        G                    D      G

I will make their darkness bright

G              Em      Am    G/B  C    Am

Who will bear My light to  them

Am   G/B          C6    D

Whom shall I send?



D7/F#  G   Gsus4 G    Gsus4 GM7 C/E   G

Here I am, Lord,   Is it    I   Lord?

Gsus4 G                  Am      G/B    C     D

I have  heard You calling in the night

D7/F#  G   Gsus4 G   Gsus4 GM7/F# C/E-C/D-G

I will go, Lord,  if You   lead   me

G Gsus4 G         Am7    D7    G-Gsus4-G-Gsus4-G

I will  hold Your people in my heart


Verse 2

G                    C/G          G

I, the Lord of snow and rain

G      C/G              G             D    G

I have borne My people’s pain

G        Em       Am   G/B C      

I have wept for love of  them,

Am Am/G D/F#-D/C-G/B-D7-G

they turn away

G                  C/G       G

I will break their hearts of stone

G         C/G        G     D    G

Give them hearts for love alone

G      Em       Am   G/B C    Am

I will speak My word to  them


Am   G/B     C6    D

Whom shall I send?(refrain)


Verse 3

G                    C/G          G

I, the Lord of wind and flame

G      C/G        G              D    G

I will tend the poor and lame

G      Em    Am    G/B C   

I will set a feast for them,

Am  Am/G      D/F#-D/C-G/B-D7-G

My hand will save

G                       C/G     G

Finest bread I will provide

G              C/G          G       D    G

Till their hearts be satisfied

G      Em      Am   G/B C    Am

I will give My life to  them

Am   G/B     C6    D

Whom shall I send?(refrain)