C                        G              F               Am

 Chorus:Fight the good fight of faith  people of God

             E                          Am                      F                         Gsus G

Unstained and without reproach before the eyes of men

C                      G                    F                     Am

Run the good race your sons    of the Most High,

E                         Am                               C      G       C

and inherit the Crown of Life from our Lord Jesus Christ


Am                                       F                                      E                     Am

Verse 1: We who are not rich in the world’s goods have been richly provided for;

                      C                          G                                  C                            G

And so have wealth in many good things an abundance rich and joy

       Am                        F                             E                        Am

The kingdom that we build on earth is not built by earthly means,

       F         Em         Dm      C              Dm     F              Gsus  G

But by the love and laws of Christ who is the king of kings(Chorus)


       Am                            F                           E                        Am

Verse 2: For though we live in corrupted flesh that craves it’s lawless ways

                     C                                  G                                         C                            G

We yield to Christ and the power of His word, and the spirit of Him who saves

               Am             F                             E                        Am

Through tribulation, trial and death we advance in one accord

        F            Em             Dm           C              Dm      F              Gsus  G

To know Him, praise Him, love Him, serve Him is our great reward(Chorus)


                 Am                                 F                                           E                        Am

Verse 3: When the sea turns red and the mountains into dust, and the stars fall from the sky

                         C                                  G                                 C                               G

When wicked men from their thrones are cast and martyrs for vengeance cry

         Am                         F                             E                        Am

When on the clouds He shall appear and advance in bright array

            F       Em             Dm           C            Dm      F              Gsus  G

What glory then shall eclipse the earth as Christ on judgment day(Chorus)


E                           Am                           C        G         C

End: …and inherit the crown of life from our Loo-rd Je-sus Christ