Capo 4

Verse 1:

Am           F                G                Am G,      Am

See God rise up in shouts of jubilant praise

            F                   G            Am
He appears with robes of light

          F                 G                Am  G,        Am
Oh exalt Him, acclaim the Ancient of days

           F               G             Am
Celebrate with all your might



F                         G              Am  G,     Am
   Build Your throne in our assembly

F                   G                  Am G, Am
   For we prepare Your habitation,

F                     G                 Am                G, Am
   Pitch Your tent in  our praise and glory

F                          G                 Am
    Build Your throne oh Lord.


 Verse 2:

             F              G                 Am  G,    Am

Our enemies attack with iron and steel

             F                     G               Am
We advance with harps and lyre

                   F           G      Am        G,   Am    
They do battle in vain using their skill

             F                  G     Am
for we fight with holy fire (REFRAIN)




Verse 3:

                        F                  G                 Am       G,   Am

Admire the towers, the walls, the fortress of God

                F        G                 Am
We are hid beneath His wings

                     F               G                     Am      G,     Am
Lord and warrior is armed with scepter and rod

         F                    G             Am
and triumph we see Him bring (REFRAIN)


 Verse 4:

           F                  G          Am         G,     Am

Oh Jerusalem declare, who is your King?

       F    G                         Am
Elohim dreaded and strong

              F                  G            Am         G,    Am
All dominion, the powers, spirits of the air

               F               G                    Am
shall receive the full wrath of God (REFRAIN)




F                      G         F                     G        

Build Your throne , build your throne,

F                      G               Am

  build your throne oh Lord!