Capo 3: Play D


F(D)                     Dm(Bm)   Bb(G)     C(A)         F(D)

Verse 1:  At the name of Jesus           evíry    knee shall bow

F(D)                       Dm(Bm)   Bb(G)         C(A)   F(D)

Every tounge confess Him        King of Glory now

F(D)                                 Dm(Bm)               F(D)   Dm(Bm)    C(A)

ĎTis the Fatherís glory pleasure we should call    Him            Lord

Gm(Em)      F(D) -C(A)    Am(F#m)   Dm(Bm)

Who from the     be-----gin-------------ning

Bb(G)         C(A)    F(D)

was the mighty word


F(D)                     Dm(Bm)   Bb(G)   C(A)    F(D)

Verse 2:  Humbled for a season          to receive a name.

F(D)                       Dm(Bm)   Bb(G)     C(A)      F(D)

From the lips of sinners          unto which He came

F(D)                   Dm(Bm)          F(D)   Dm(Bm)    C(A)

Faithfully He bore it, spotless to         the             last,

Gm(Em)      F(D) -C(A)  Am(F#m)   Dm(Bm)

Brought it back  vic-----to-------------rious

Bb(G)                C(A)         F(D)

when through death He passed.


F(D)                 Dm(Bm)  Bb(G)     C(A)    F(D)

Verse 3:  Bore it up triumphant       with its human light,

F(D)                              Dm(Bm)   Bb(G)   C(A)      F(D)

Through all ranks of creatures       to the central height.

F(D)                           Dm(Bm)    F(D)      Dm(Bm)  (A)

To the throne of Godhead,          to the Fatherís breast

Gm(Em)  F(D)-C(A)  Am(F#m)  Dm(Bm)  Bb(G)        C(A)    F(D)

Filled it with the       glo-----------ry              of that perfect      rest.


(same chords)

Verse 4:  In your hearts enthrone Him, there let Him subdue,

All that is not holy, all that is not true.

Crown Him as your captain in temptationís hour

Let His will unfold you in itís light  and power.


Verse 5:  Jesus Lord and savior shall return again

With His Fatherís glory oíer the earth to reign.

For all wreaths of Empire meet upon His brow.

And our hearts confess Him King of glory now.